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The right solution for your organization and unit.

"Commanders at all levels, from tactical units incorporating innovative solutions for battlefield challenges, to intermediate-level activities designing and manufacturing repair parts for the MAGTF, shall employ AM capabilities to the maximum extent possible." -Marine Corps Order 4700.4

MatterHackers, a common name in the Defense and Additive Manufacturing industries is here to help you and your unit. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we have served as a linchpin for the Department of Defense by providing cutting-edge 3D printing technologies and materials, coupled with exceptional customer support and educational resources. Our partnership with the DoD focuses on fostering rapid innovation, improving logistics efficiency, and empowering units with the tools needed to thrive in various operational environments.

Imagine the transformative impact of incorporating Tactical Manufacturing in your units. Your teams can break free from the conventional supply chain limitations and gain the ability to manufacture parts and components on-demand and at the point of need. We pride ourselves on our industry based expertise and are here to assist you and your warfighting organization in creating organic solutions with advanced materials. Define possible with these technological marvels that are easy to use and  can enable you to address logistical challenges proactively.

With the help from our team we will enable you and your unit to become agile and resilient by producing durable components, even in remote or austere environments. Commanders and leaders embracing this paradigm shift towards additive manufacturing is paramount. Encourage your service members to employ these technologies, and let's redefine our operational landscape together for greater mission success and safety.

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