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Tactical Manufacturing Solutions

  • Reduce overhead and costs
  • Minimize reliance on supply chains
  • Foster initiatives and innovation within your organization
  • Create solutions organically while forward deployed
  • Print on demand at the point of need
  • Strive and thrive in the face of adversity

3D Printing is reshaping how we tackle problems within the Department of Defense

“Additive manufacturing and 3D printing is real, and it’s real as a capability for us to use on our weapon systems. That was not the case 10 years ago. People were talking about it but frankly it wasn’t credible, it was boutique. That’s not true anymore,” - William LaPlante - Pentagon Acquisition Chief (Credit DEFENSESCOOP) 

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Tailored solutions that enable you to print anywhere


Don't know where to start?

Our Military and Government team is here to support.

  • Rapid prototype and ideate on your or your subordinates ideas
  • Empower your teams to close the supply chain gap
  • Print on demand in any time or place
  • Solve unit problems with an Organic Capability
  • Compete, survive, and win in a contested logistics environment

MatterHackers Tactical


MatterHackers: Pioneering 3D Printing Solutions for the DoD

  • Industry Leadership: MatterHackers, a front-runner in the 3D printing sector, is at the forefront of defense innovation, equipping the U.S. Department of Defense with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.

  • Cutting-Edge Offerings: Recognized for its extensive range of 3D printers, diverse material selections, and proprietary software, MatterHackers is transforming the defense manufacturing paradigm. 

  • Training and Support: Our team is ready to assist in ensuring that you and those service men and women to your left and right are trained, equipped, and prepared to face the uncertainties of future battlefields.
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  • Logistical Streamlining:

    • Addresses the enduring challenge of military logistics by paving the way for enhanced efficiency.
    • Facilitates on-the-spot production of critical components, significantly trimming lead times.
    • Enables rapid provisioning of essential parts, ranging from bespoke drone components to vehicle replacements, eradicating protracted supply chain necessities.
  • Driving Innovation & Customization:

    • Propels the design and modification of tailored solutions to serve the distinct needs of DoD branches.
    • MatterControl, an open-source software, provides an unparalleled edge for prototyping and innovating, ensuring our armed forces remain a step ahead.

  • Commitment to Sustainability:

    • While fortifying national defense, MatterHackers underscores the importance of eco-responsibility.
    • Adoption of 3D printing methodologies by the DoD not only ramps up efficiency but markedly diminishes waste, heralding a sustainable defense infrastructure.

39th Commandant of the Marine Corps

“We have to do some very creative work to do additive manufacturing and 3D printing forward,” Smith said. “If confirmed, I'm committed to continuing that effort because I do see one day we will be printing forward in forward operating bases. We'll be printing major end items, aircraft engines, propellers, we'll be doing that forward as opposed to straining the lines that come from the United States through contested logistics areas.”  - General Eric Smith,  Commandant of the United States Marine Corps. 

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Prepare, Equip and Train while in Garrison

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Compliment Maintenance Workflows

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Deployable Ruggedized Solutions

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Scalable to support any Military  Operation

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Phil Hogberg

MatterHackers Military and Government Sales

Connect with me to discuss the robust world of 3D printing for military applications. If you're interested in high-strength filaments, custom printing services, or the latest precision equipment, I'm here to provide all the details.

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Nick Duncan

CWO-3 / USMC / Retired - Business Development Government / Military

With the uncertainty of future battlefields and the showcases of emerging technology and irregular warfare (insert drones) 3D printing may be the Sharpened Steel edge that you need to overcome adversity in a logistically contested environment.

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